At Mason Woods, we harvest our own trees and subscribe to the added value principles of the wood industry. We feel it gives us the most control over our final products and provides our customers with the highest quality work possible.


We have direct control over the entire process with an on site sawmill, two dry kilns, and mill shop facilities. And even though following these principles tend to keep us a small company we feel and we think our customers would agree that it’s worth it.


At Mason Woods, custom woodworking is our mainstay.


 Since 1984, our third generation craftsmen have created unique furniture, specialized flooring & mouldings, custom cabinetry, traditional and contemporary stair cases and more. We work closely with your architect, designer or custom builder and provide design assistance to our residential clients.



We have acquired an extensive knowledge in the re-use of antique and salvaged timbers to create historically beautiful pieces.


Over time we have perfected our craft to replicate natures aging process in woods more readily available, such as underutilized native species. We combine distressing techniques that have taken years to develop and that have been taught to us by nature herself, with hand selected new growth woods, to create products of striking beauty.


We have wide control over the manufacturing process. 


We often harvest, saw, dry and mill our own native lumber for flooring and mouldings. With an on site sawmill, two dry kilns and millwork, we can offer our clients unparalleled attention and service as well as the highest quality standards. Styles range from rustic to formal in reclaimed or native woods.


Unique & Hand-Crafted


We have produced vintage furniture made from authentic antique materials to high-end markets in New York and Connecticut. Three of our tables have been noted in Architectural Digest - June 2005 (Discovery by Designers section), House & Garden - May 2005 and The Journal News Home & Design magazine - February 2004 editions.